The provision of IT services and IT infrastructure from a data cloud via a network is called cloud computing. The URZ offers various cloud-based IT services: heiBOX allows you to store your files easily and conveniently in the cloud, and synchronize your data on several devices. With heiCLOUD, it is possible to set up a virtual computing centre, which can be used for research purposes.

Cloud services at the URZ: reliable, secure, on site.

Data security, data encryption, and data confidentiality are extremely important in a scientific context. All cloud data at the URZ is securely stored on our servers in Heidelberg, and is accessible and fully encrypted via the University network or via a VPN connection from an external device. In terms of data security and storage, our cloud services are a transparent and reliable alternative to commercial services.


  • heiCLOUD - Das virtuelle Rechenzentrum der Universität Heidelberg.


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