Change to the new eduroam profile

Until June 30, 2019, all eduroam users need to update their settings if they want to continue to have internet access. Here you will find instructions that explain how to reconfigure eduroam for different operating systems.​

How to delete the old eduroam profile?

Please open the Command Prompt and execute the following command: netsh wlan delete profile name="eduroam"

Please open the NetworkManager or click on the wireless icon and select Edit Connections/ eduroam/ Delete

Please select System Preferences/ Profiles/ eduroam and click on minus on the bottom left

Open Settings and click on General/ Profiles/ eduroam/ Remove Profile

Open Settings and select Wi-Fi/ eduroam (press long)/ Forget Network

** How to set up the new eduroam profile?

The eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) is available in different languages and can be downloaded at


Please note that your username needs to end with This means that your username can either be, such as, or, such as

** In addition, please note that the CAT does not support all systems, such as Windows RT. For these systems, you need to reinstall eduroam after the certificate has been changed.

Please download and execute the CAT and follow its instructions

Please download and execute the CAT in a terminal with the following command: python Downloads/

Please download and execute the CAT and follow its instructions

Please download and execute the CAT and follow its instructions.

With the newest iOS versions (as of 12.2), the profile is only “preloaded”. For this reason, please select Settings/ General/ Profiles/ eduroam, click on Install on the top right and follow the instructions

Please download the eduroam CAT App from the Google Play Store and install it:

Then download the profile for Android at The App will open automatically after the download. Type in your user data into the appearing tab and click on Install. If the App does not open automatically, please manually select the profile in the App. In the next tab, please type in your username and your password and click on Install.

Für Windows Phone gibt es leider keine CAT-Konfigurationsmöglichkeit. Ein Windows Phone lässt sich leider auch nicht gemäß unseren Sicherheitsempfehlungen konfigurieren. Daher muss für diese Geräte eine Ausnahme eingerichtet werden. Kontaktieren Sie dazu bitte unseren IT-Service unter Angabe ihrer Uni-ID.