Email lists

By using email lists, you can reach a large number of recipients and can easily and quickly send emails to thousands of users via your own email address. For providing an email list service for Heidelberg University, the URZ uses the software Listserv.

University users can request new email lists using a web form and can then use the Listserv web interface to manage this list. When requesting a list, you need to provide a description and determine the name as well as the owner of the email list.

For more information, please refer to our Listserv documentation.

Using email lists provides the following advantages:

  • The list does not need a specific operating system or mail client to work
  • With just one email address you can reach all list members. Your list can be:
    • a distribution list comprising a large number of addresses (newsletter)
    • a closed list comprising only members who want to debate with each other
    • an open list or list led by a moderator which everybody is allowed to sent mails to
  • New members can either register by themselves, or need to be accepted by prior application
  • Bounces (caused by out-of-office messages or incorrect email addresses) are automatically and properly processed. This means that the sender will no longer accidentally receive hundreds of “Out of office” replies
  • Sent messages are archived and can be re-read via the web interface

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