Foto: Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline

Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline

Managing director of the URZ
Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Heidelberg University

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20000

Assistant: Annegret Stieler

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20001

Personal Aide: Dr. Viola Stiefel

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20004

Dr. Maximilian Hoecker

Dr. Maximilian Hoecker
Technical director of the URZ

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20070

Assistant: Julia Kuhn

Telephone: +49 6221 54-20003

Service Areas

Grafik: Servicebereich Cloud Solutions & Data Analytics

IT security and cloud services

Cloud Solutions & Data Analytics

The service area Cloud Solutions & Data Analytics (CSDA) primarily provides the university with central cloud computing services. The core service is heiCLOUD, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resource specifically tailored to research and teaching. The service area also maintains the university networks (LAN and Wi-Fi) in all campus buildings and provides IT security advice.

Head of the service area: Dr. Maximilian Hoecker

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Bild: CTCS

Providing a good foundation

Core Technologies & Collaboration Services

The service area Core Technologies & Collaboration Services (CTCS) operates the university's central IT services. These include email, telephony, groupware, institute storage, backups, identity management, printing services and directory services. Further tasks include customer support via the IT service and on-site technical support. CTCS also supervises the URZ server rooms.

Head of the service area: Thorsten Adelmann

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Grafik: Future IT - Research and Education

Data-intensive computing, research and projects

Future IT - Research & Education

The service area Future IT - Research & Education (FIRE) examines new technologies to evaluate their applications for research and use in the computing centre, then develops the services accordingly. These activities are conducted in cooperation with students and employees of Heidelberg University, other research institutes, and industry partners in a number of projects.

Head of the service area: Dr. Martin Baumann

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Grafik: Smart Campus Solutions

Digitalising administration and organisation

Smart Campus Solutions

The service area Smart Campus Solutions (SCS) provides IT services for a variety of administrative tasks at the university, ranging from personnel and finance management to the management of student data. Together with the university administration, the service area staff develops new solutions for the challenges of digitalisation, including student lifecycle or information management. 

Head of the service area: Miriam Tegelaers

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Gut beraten zu guten Diensten

Support & Service Management

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Servicebereichsleiter (komm.): Thorsten Adelmann


Central office

Bild: Geschäftsstelle

The central office is the main service point for internal and external URZ business processes. It supports the director as well as the service areas and departments of the University Computing Centre in all administrative and organisational matters.

Head of the central office: Daniela Fabian, M.P.A.

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Departments and Consultation Services

Bild: Pfeile

Change Management

This department aims to register all changes in the IT services of the University Computing Centre, evaluate these and minimise all related negative impacts.

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Bild: Schutzschild

Data Protection

This department works together with the data protection supervisor and the university department for data protection to deal with all concerns related to data protection at the URZ.

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Bild: Sprechblase


The communication department deals with all the University Computing Centre's internal and external communication.

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