heiBOX is a secure and free data storage service which is available for all employees, PhD students and students of Heidelberg University. Employees and PhD students receive 30 GB storage capacity each for all work-related purposes and students receive 10 GB each. heiBOX can be used for exchanging and synchronizing files on PCs and mobile devices and works similar to commercial cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sharing and collaboratively editing files

As a heiBOX user, you can share files and folders and make them accessible for internal and external users. Students are only allowed to share files and folders with internal users. Via the web interface of heiBOX, you can collaboratively edit Office documents. You can encrypt your data to ensure its protection. All data is securely stored on servers at the URZ. heiBOX is suitable for confidential, personal data, and non-public research data. It supports all common operating systems and mobile devices.

Guest accounts for external users

heiBOX provides the possibility of setting up guest accounts for remote team or project work. Guest account users do not have their own storage capacity but have access to shared files and folders and are able to synchronize them by means of a client.

Individual extension of storage capacity

All employees and PhD students of Heidelberg University receive 30 GB storage capacity each for free. If you need an extension, please send an email to heibox@uni-heidelberg.de and we will extend your heiBOX capacity against a fee. One heiBOX has a maximum volume of 5 TB. Students do not have the possibility to extend their storage capacity.


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