heiCONF / heiCONF-Audimax

heiCONF is a web conferencing system for audio and video conferences based on BigBlueButton. The service is hosted and operated by the University Computing Centre, which means that all data is stored in the university's server rooms.

heiCONF-Audimax is a special version of heiCONF that is specifically designed for larger, more frontal event formats.

What does heiCONF offer?

The service offers the following essential features:

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Multi-user whiteboards
  • Conference polls
  • Individual configuration of conference rooms

Please note: Recording is currently not available for data protection reasons!


What can heiCONF be used for?

heiCONF is available in two versions for different use scenarios and group sizes:



  • For interactive event formats:
    Meetings, seminars, discussion groups, etc.
  • Up to 50 participants per conference
  • Multiple video feeds can be transmitted simultaneously
  • Communication via video, audio and chat
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  • For frontal event formats:
    Lectures, talks, presentations, etc.
  • Up to 200 participants per conference
    (will be increased soon)
  • Only the moderator's video is transmitted
  • Communication via audio and chat
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Can heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax be used for teaching?

heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax can be used for live teaching as well as for work-related collaboration. However, for the summer semester, it is recommended, especially for larger courses (> 100 participants), to largely refrain from synchronous teaching (live transmission) and to teach asynchronously instead, that is, by using video recordings.

This can include conventional videos as well as recorded PowerPoint presentations with an audio track. This asynchronous approach safeguards the bandwidth of the entire data network and at the same time offers students greater flexibility when faced with health, private or technical difficulties. The heiCAST service is available for streaming video recordings for teaching purposes. Lectureres can use the new Moodle platform to manage their own teaching videos.


Who has access to heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax?

heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax are open to all employees, lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte) and doctoral students of Heidelberg University. You can log in via Uni-ID and immediately create and configure your own meeting rooms.

External users can enter these meeting rooms, they only need to be given a link to the room.

Participants of a conference generally do not need an account in heiCONF. This is only required for the moderator/room owner.


How can I access heiCONF or heiCONF-Audimax?

heiCONF and its special version heiCONF-Audimax are web applications. The service can be used on different end devices (e.g. PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) via a browser:

No special software installation is required to use it.


Is there any user documentation available?

To get the know the basics of heiCONF and heiCONF-Audimax, please consult our user manual. We also recommend watching these tutorial videos describing the underlying software BigBlueButton.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All frequently asked questions can be found in the (German-only) heiCONF FAQ. The pages can be searched (currently only if you are not logged in into heiBOX - e.g. via an anonymous browser window) by using the full text search for specific keywords.

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