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Foto: URZ-Gebäude

The Heidelberg University Computing Centre (URZ) is the university's central IT provider for all aspects of information and communication technology. Our clients are students, scientists and employees: We offer you access to a wide range of IT services, and we support and advise you through the use of these services. The URZ is the place to go for questions about IT or to report IT-related problems. The URZ is furthermore responsible for the instruction of university members in the use of these services, the procurement of hardware and software, and the installation of computer systems.

As a driving force of innovation in IT, the URZ promotes pioneering technologies, thus supporting the research of present and future scientists at Heidelberg University. Cornerstones of these activities are, among other things, complex projects with the following main focuses:

  • Energy efficiency of IT infrastructure
  • Cloud computing for the development of a visualized server concept for institutes
  • Provision of premium storage on the level of petabytes, and the constant optimisation of our data backups and our communication network

On a federal level as well as on a national and international level, we contribute, in cooperation with research institutes and the industry, to the constant improvement of basic conditions for research and teaching in the area of IT.

Under the direction of Prof Vincent Heuveline, more than 100 employees work at the URZ. The department is organized into four service areas: “Cloud Solutions & Data Analytics”, “Future IT - Research & Education”, “Core Technologies & Collaboration Services” and “Smart Campus Solutions”, which offer a wide range of IT expertise. In addition, there is a central office at the URZ, which is responsible for the department’s internal and external business processes. Two dedicated administrative units support the URZ’s management in the areas of IT security, planning, and strategy. Also, with the support of a data protection supervisor, the URZ guarantees the availability of data, services, and applications, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Learn more about our wide range of services on our webpages, and consult our comprehensive support if you have questions.

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