Moodle e-learning platform

On the Moodle e-learning platform, virtual classrooms can be created as a means of support for university courses. These classrooms are only accessible for course participants and therefore, to a certain extent, copyrighted course materials can be uploaded.

The electronic platform can also be used for didactic purposes such as holding forum discussions, creating Wikis and glossaries, or uploading selftests. Moodle is also often used for sharing syllabi or other organizational information about the class.

The URZ hosts the central Moodle platform for all faculties in cooperation with the university's E-Learning Center (ELC). The URZ offers assistance for any technical questions, while the ELC provides support for all didactic and content-related aspects.

Teachers, doctoral candidates, and students can log into the e-learning platform Moodle with their Uni-ID at the following address:

Teachers usually receive their 'teacher' authorizations from a multiplicator at their institute when creating an empty course on the Moodle platform. Some institutes decided that teachers are allowed to create new courses by themselves. Before a teacher can create a course, he or she has to apply  for 'creator'. Students usually gain access to the respective virtual course by a password that the teacher announces during the first session.

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