Service Card

All employees of Heidelberg University holding a Uni-ID receive a Service Card. This card allows you to use the services of the University Library (UB) and the Computing Centre (URZ).

The Service Card currently offers the following features:

  • It authorizes you to use the central printing, scanning and copy stations at various university institutions (Please note that it cannot be used for public printers with payment functionality.)
  • It allows you to punch in/out for work-time tracking (at institutions that use the university's digital time and attendance system).
  • It also serves as an ID card for the University Library.

The card does not offer any payment functionality.

The card owner’s name, surname and Uni-ID are printed on the Service Card. Apart from a chip serial number and a card number, no other information is saved on the card chip

How to get a Service Card

Once a new employee has received a Uni-ID, he or she can request a Service Card via an online form from the University Library. The card can then usually be picked up on the next working day from 12:00 pm onwards at one of the University Library's loan desks at Plöck 107-109 or Im Neuenheimer Feld 368.

If you lose your card, you can have it blocked and request a new one at the University Library.

The Service Card is valid until your employment contract is terminated. In this case, please return the card at your institution.


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