Increased amount of phishing mails

We are currently observing an increased amout of phishing mails sent from fake university e-mail addresses. Please check every incoming message carefully and report any suspicious content to us.

The subject lines of these phishing emails very often contain the words "Rechnung", "Invoice", "Fakturierung" or "Scan". The fake sender address can look like this: <NAME>

The German Federal Office for Information Security (German acronym: BSI) describes on its webpage BSI für Bürger ("BSI for citizens") how to recognize phishing mails and webpages in general:

If you have received a suspicious email, please forward it to With your help, we are able to block fake sender addresses and improve our spam filter.

Please note: Emails that are forwarded to the spam address mentioned above are automatically processed. Therefore, please do not change their content and subject line nor add any comments. Please follow these steps in order to correctly forward a suspicious email:

  • With Outlook 2010/2013/2016: Select your email / Home Menu / More (to the right of forward) / Forward as Attachment
  • With Thunderbird: Select your email / select Message from the menu / Forward as/ Attachment.
  • With Apple Mail: Select your email / select Message from the menu / Forward as Attachment