Camtasia - Video software for screen recording

With TechSmith Camtasia, users can record screen content as well as video and audio feeds from their computer. The resulting videos can be edited in the software to prepare them for (online) publication. The software is suitable, for example, for recording videos for digital teaching, training courses or webinars.

More information about Camtasia's features and areas of application can be found on the TechSmith website.


Technical requirements

Camtasia is available for Windows and MacOS. Alternative software for Linux users is listed below.


Eligible license buyers

Lecturers at Heidelberg University


How to buy

Lecturers at Heidelberg University can purchase a Camtasia single-user license at a significantly discounted price of currently

25,00€ per year

via the URZ.

Before ordering, please make sure that Camtasia is suitable for your needs to make the most of these highly subsidized licenses.

To order, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the 30-day trial version of Camtasia from the manufacturer's website:

    It allows you to examine the software thoroughly and to evaluate whether Camtasia is suitable for your purposes.

    For beginners we suggest consulting the TechSmith webinars to get an overview of Camtasia's various features. Current dates for live webinars and recorded past sessions are available on the manufacturer's website. Attending the webinar (or watching the recordings) is highly recommended before ordering.
  2. If you have decided to use the software, please send an e-mail to

    and provide the following information:

    - planned use/teaching scenario
    - key facts about your course(s)
    - key facts about yourself (name, position, institute)

    Your order will then be reviewed and shortly afterwards you will receive the digital license key, which you can use to convert the installed trial version into a full version. An invoice will be sent to your institute.


User guides

TechSmith offers various digital formats that can teach you how to use Camtasia:


Screen recording with open-source alternatives / on Linux

As a free open source alternative, users can also try OBS Studio, which is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. OBS Studio is more suited for advanced users and does not offer built-in video editing capabilities.

For Linux users, there are several tools that can be combined to provide features similar to those offered by Camtasia. For screen recording, tools such as vokoscreen or Kazam can be used. For further video editing, you could use kdenlive or Shotcut. The tools mentioned can usually be downloaded from the software centers of popular Linux distributions.


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